Intentions of Purpose


In the quietness

I find myself

awkwardly infusing

trying to make sense…


In the silence

I find God

waiting for my return

to the union

of spirit and self…


In the solitude

I find the Universe

engulfing me,

weaving the cascades

of humanity,

encompassing all…


In the peace

I find me

and all that’s not

in the here and there

of the world

full of illusions

when nothing seems real…


except the light of the Divine

holding me

through the essence of all

that is love.

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The Magic of Beginnings

Two lovers enter into an intimate conversation early on in their relationship:

He asks, “Are you afraid of falling in love?”

She answers, “Not with you.”

He asks, “Why’s that?”

She answers with a smile, “Cause I know you will catch me when I fall.”

There is something tender in allowing yourself to fall in love.  There is also something magical in knowing that the other person will not hurt you.  Love is not a power struggle, an ego booster, or a platform for ownership.  It is about letting go and allowing Spirit to perform its pursuit for the betterment of your heart’s desires.

I’ve had the privilege to be among many friends.  Some of them have entered into new relationships.  They beam with energy, excitement, romance, and that mystical union of two people getting to know each other.   In both relationships I witnessed something that had never been there before: appreciation and admiration.  There is kindness, generosity and mutual respect.  Like a Tango dance, one needs the pull and pushing, the give and take, the seduction and the closeness all mixed into a rhythmic dance of divinity.  The hopeless romantic in me smiles with admiration at that harmonious partnership.

I can’t say that I’ve been accused of not loving enough in my relationships.  I give all of me, sometimes too much, because I am not met half way.  And, when I am done I can continue to move past the hurt and realize how beautiful the lessons were for the betterment of my spirit.  I’ve been fortunate that on some occasions after moving on the person has shared that I loved hard (and it wasn’t so much me that “broke it” but their own insecurities and self-loathing).   I can’t shun away from love because of past relationships.  I am in a beautiful healthy one now.  If I had stopped the idea of love, closed my heart completely, I wouldn’t have met this incredible counterpart of my journey!

How many times have we passed on the idea of love or getting to know someone just to regret it later on?  How many times have we allowed ego to dictate our heart’s desires to then realize that the person was actually “The One?”  The past is a wilderness forest.  Many of us choose to stay there because of fear of the unknown.  We are afraid to move past the forest into the open spaces and allow the heart to guide us.  In that paralyzing fear of holding on to past events, we lose the chance to meet a counterpart of our divinity to be loved.

I always find the “falling in love” part easy.  It’s the staying in that place of vulnerability that is challenging.  Every day, as I meet more people entering into loving relationships, I believe I am attracting that energy into my own love life.  I refused to settle for someone who could not meet me half way in my heart’s yearnings.  I wasn’t willing to compromise my self-love for anyone.  It’s taken me too many years to repair and rebuild self-worth and love.   It has taken me a lifetime to realize that simplicity, kindness, intelligence, openness, and laughter are prerequisites for my soul mate.

This man sees me as a hippie chick, a deep romantic, and/or a trusting spirit.  I know that the falling in love part is the best drug in the world when shared with someone who has my best intention at heart. When it is easy, soft, appreciated and graceful there is no other place I would rather be.  The alternative of having him passed by was not an option.

Allow yourself the gift of openness, trust, vulnerability and diving into the arms of love.  You never know who will be there to catch you when you fall!

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Morning Contemplation

sun reclaiming sky

I love mornings in summer

when the journey of life

whispers to me

to stand and blossom

in the presence of Divinity

awakening the spirit

and entrusting that

every molecule of my being

recognizes the privilege in breathing.

I saluted the rise of the sun

as it lighted the mountains

in hopes that it would

lend the secret

to its illumination

and shed some wisdom

into my soul.

I witnessed the opening

of this new day,

embracing myself,

walking around the pond

during deep contemplation,

catching the rays from the heavens

reflecting on the valley.

I watched the trees stretch

to the grace of

this new dawning.

We are here once more

and I am grateful for the


to acknowledge

the beauty in nature

and all the lessons

it has to offer me.

I am awed-inspired

by the simplicity

and realization

that I am the water,

the trees,

the air,

the earth,

and the Divine

granting this

enchanting sunrise

so I can heal and renew my spirit

and I can return to my humanness…


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Understanding this Universe

I’ve welcomed light

extra early into my room

as sweat pours out of me

from a full night of humidity.

I am struggling to get moving

this morning

as I sit up to watch the mountain,

the pond dancing with activity,

the trees gently moving to a swift wind

enticing the rain to finally visit.

I must go outward into that universe

in order to find myself inward.

I must find the flow

of the earth

in order to feel my own rhythm.

This is joy.  This is full awareness

of my presence.

This is the mythical “contentment”

I read about all those years

while searching for “happiness”

inside of books.

This is what I believed was a fantasy,

fairy folk tales the mystics

wrote about in simplicity….

“live in the now and find joy.”

Here I sit,

body tired and worn out,

a restless night without surprises

but looking at my landscape

the myth has become reality.

Here is the reason I exist,

and the result of finally


The journey begins


one more time

with the understanding

of my purpose in this world

as I allow the day

to take me wherever

it wants me to go…

As I breathe Spirit

consciously into my lungs

and exhale out

into the vastness of space

I get to call

my fairyland forest.


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Quiet Conversation

You are never far

from my extremities.

On our bed

limbs journey towards you,

toes rubbing against

the warmth of your legs

nudging at flesh,

kneading through muscles,

digging for the promise

of magnetism.

Hands stretch

for assurance in

bridging the distance

between here and there.

You allow for it,

enticed by the hunger

of a give-and-take affection

as we silently converse.

Whenever I get lost

in a book or movie

I find your fingers

studiously reaching,

magically appearing

under mountains of blankets

for more love

between the quietude

that defines the comfort of us.

And in one moment

you take my hand

gently placing

that last kiss of night

on the palm of my skin

to remind me

of the things

I don’t have to say.

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The Collective Consciousness

The lighter you become of egocentricity the easier life becomes. Life is not meant to be a struggle. We create it. Recently I have tallied, processed and released some major past issues I had not faced in all the years on earth. Now, from a spiritual sense I know that these lessons and events were part of my growth to enrich the betterment of my soul. However, if we don’t re-collect these issues and release the load then the struggles continue. This is part of our collective consciousness. It’s time to learn to create a barrier between you and the world that tells you what and how to be.

We are the sum of all the voices in the past. We become conditioned the moment we are born. Parents begin this process, society continues through teachers, partners, friends, etc. We begin to fall into some kind of box of expectations. Grant it, I had always done things by the book. But, I was a closet rebel. I did everything by the book on the outside meantime inside I was dying. I didn’t want to be conformed to labels of “weird, insane, or whatever.” As close as the spirit world seemed to me as a youngster, I kept the distance, thus creating a huge amount of anxiety in every decision I made against my better judgment. Living in the box is an illusion because there is no box. When we finally wake to this truth life stops being a struggle altogether. There will always be challenges, obstacles and lessons. We are here to live through the learning.

Our brain is programmed to notice what it already knows to be true. I’ve taken photographs of our pond with the clouds reflecting on it. You can’t tell what’s up or what is down. The point of reference is distorted. This is the same as our spiritual beliefs. We are somehow distorted by what society tells us to believe. How do you know what you know if you don’t have a point of reference? Where did you get that point of reference? How true is that opinion? Is it an opinion or is it truth? When did you stop questioning everything that went against your knowing? Why? When you begin to question rather than just assume and accept the struggle also disappears. You aren’t living for the sake of living because the world told you how to be, who to be, and what to be. You begin to live for you.

The collective consciousness is in need of a major shifting. Attachments to fear, anxiety, or drama is the way we are constantly being connected to what is not real. I am finding that by not giving an opinion to another person’s drama I can detach completely. I am empathetic and compassionate but I refuse to get involved. This goes along with the spirit world. The veil of our 3D perception and the next dimension is thinning. We are beginning to ask more questions. We are beginning not to just accept what has been told to us by dogma. In Latin the word for religion means “to bind.” Living in the box of what we have been told is diminishing. You can only go past this world by going through it.

My beautiful man accuses me of living in a made-up-unicorn-rainbow world. We are the epitome (the poster children) of “opposites attract.” But, he has witnessed too many things that can’t be explained to disregard that my perception of the world works perfectly for me and for us. I am not asking him to join me in my world views. I only ask that he supports my belief systems as I support his without judgment. We work perfectly in this sense while meeting somewhere in the middle. In this world of laughter and constant joy I keep my vibrations raised to fit the needs of my life. I don’t need to fall into society’s controlled-box policy of being a certain way. At times I know I shock the crap out of people. Those who no longer support me in my life choices really have no reason to be part of my life. Our lives will always be intertwined, with or without their consent we are connected.

I truly believe that things are accelerating in a way that is magical. I am witnessing the waking of spirit. I can see how decisions are being made and questioned. Yet, in spite of this human conscious shift, we are still babies learning to crawl. We have incarnated in these times to make way for the future. We are not just accepting that God is the gray-haired man in the sky controlling us, but that we are God and made in the image of divinity. Earth is changing. We are evolving. We are living longer. We are moving forward in a beautiful spiritual era. I am giddy with this knowing but I am also aware that it takes more than just my little fairy-filled head to push and elevate vibrations. We need to fill our hearts with all the love and light possible in our beings and radiate that to the cosmos. I hope you join me in this awareness. May we join in love, light and the divine joy of the world. If we want change we must create it in ourselves first. We can do this…one small act of kindness at a time.

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The Unraveling


This living and dying

in synchronicity,


disentangling itself

is the lotus flower

of existence.

Each petal awakens

and sleeps

the singularity of lessons.

There is love,





an endless composition

in rhythmic succession.

Each breath and demise

pulls and releases

the foundation of Spirit.

This unfolding

takes and surrenders

simultaneously into our being

to deliberately force us to be…

just be one with

the Divine.

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